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Rediscover what was lost and find exactly what you were looking for. pass along a memory. Vintage is in.

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It's christmas every day here! Check out our selection or breath life back into your toys by bringing them here to be enjoyed once again.


Macklemore was onto something -- flashy fashion for a great price. Retro chic, modern, classy, or just you. Have an outfit you can't wear, but can't bear to get rid of? Pass it on, maybe you'll see it in the wild. 



Children grow. Clothes don't! Come find the perfect fit for your siblings, kids, grandkids... or get rid of what we've outgrown and make some money back.


Raising kids is an experience. From play-pens to walkers, carriers, bouncers and more, we've got what you're looking for. Get a head start on raising kids, get the perfect gift, or pass along the fun to the next generation.

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6650 S Pine Ave
Ocala, Florida

Tues - Thur: 10AM - 5PM

Fri- Sat: 10AM - 4PM

Sun - Mon: Closed! :) 


(352) 454-9830


Twice Upon A Time strives to be a place for moms and their littles to shop comfortably and be around other moms to gain friendships for you or your child!